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Training Your Pit Bull (Training Your Dog Series)

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Because it was originally bred as a fighting dog, today’s typical American Pit Bull Terrier requires special training and handling by its owner. Canine expert Joe Stahlkuppe advises that not every Pit Bull is right for every home. This breed adapts best to homes where the dog owners maintain a structured lifestyle and regular habits. Although Pit Bulls typically form strong bonds with their owners, they are often aggressive toward other dogs, and sometimes hostile toward human beings they don’t know. Stahlkuppe asserts that preventing aggression and fighting becomes a matter of limiting opportunity. He points out many ways and methods for limiting that opportunity, and goes on to offer a wealth of details for training and maintaining a happy, healthy, and friendly American Pit Bull Terrier. Color photos throughout.

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Edward E. DeRosia Jr. says:

excellent Book I was able to follow the instructions for the training in this book step by step. I have been training my dogs in a more old fashion way. But my dogs and I seem to enjoy the fun and results. I have 5 Pit bulls they learn quickly already had the Basics down, but now im getting into the cool tricks and the dogs get a treat now I didn’t give one before. I rate this book 4 out of 5 its a must read.

PFP says:

Excellent Resource! The author of this book has done an excellent job of combining a history of this breed and training tips into a single resource. Most training books today take the same training information and stick the picture of a different breed on the cover. This does not work, all breeds are not the same. A prospective owner of any dog breed would benefit from learning about the genetic make-up and background of their chosen pet which shapes the training methods needed. That is exactly what this book provides.The historical and breed specific information is also an excellent tool to educate the misinformed and skeptical public about this breed. The better understanding the public has of the PBT the abuse, overbreeding, etc. will decrease. Please read this book and share your knowledge with others.

Alexandru-Adrian Carstea "Alexandru-Adrian Ca... says:

A real guide I bought this book AFTER I got a pitbull. The book even teaches you how to choose a pitbull, so a small part of it was not useful for me. I didn’t finish it yet, I bought it recently, but I must say I already learned a lot from it. Stuff normal people told me to do, were not allowed. Like putting my dog with its nose in its “dirt” if he does it on the carpet, or playing tug of war with it. Well, A LOT! I truly recommend it.

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